Cercle de la Voile de Dakar


19th September, 2021


First kindly come register your arrival at the office of CVD. Please provide your boat documents (Pavilion notebook, insurance, skipper passport)




Within 24 hours you must imperatively declare the return of your boat on the Senegalese territory.

Provide with the certificate delivered by the police, a copy of the papers of the boat, a copy of the passport of the skipper or boat owner.

Show up at the customs office (pier 10 – port of Dakar). Introduce yourself to the office upstairs recordings recorded to be there on the register of arrivals. There you couera 5000 CFA francs. On after the texts regulating pleasure boats, a valid transit permit will be issued for three months.

For those who want to make a longer stay up to six months with the boat, you will complete an application form for temporary importation (provided by the CVD) .. This application is filed in the management of customs operations ( malenfant Street) with a copy of the papers of the boat. A registration number will be indicated. In three days, you will get permission to temporarily import the boat. Then it will make the import declaration to customs via a licensed freight forwarder with reasonable fees in the order of 150,000 CFA francs. (230 euros or about 38 euros per month of stay). The delivery includes freight boat re-export procedures to the date that suits you and qu”il be essential to declare the end of your stay.

We are able to advise you on site and a freight CVD who used this approach.

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