Cercle de la Voile de Dakar


19th October, 2020

Senegal’s primary anchor mooring yacht club, Le Cercle de la Voile de Dakar, is pleased to offer you an enjoyable and rewarding stopover in West Africa.

Our dedicated team, restaurant, hotel, and workshops will allow you to take the necessary rest and organize your exploration of Senegal while preparing your next sailing trip.

Do not hesitate to contact us or leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.


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19th October, 2020
  1. George says:

    Can I get a lift yatch from Dakar to cape Verde ?

  2. Eric Skipper says:

    J’aimerai savoir si d’autres navigateurs sont venus au CVD ces dernieres années 2018 et 2019. Savoir si l’association existe toujours et si il y a toujours la possibilité de laisser le voilier sur corps mort devant le CVD avec les tarifs qui se trouvent sur ce site. Merci d’avance. Eric et Christine

  3. laurent millepied says:

    j etais la il y a tres longtemps
    On naviguait sur des vauriens
    faisait des regates dans la baie de hann .dans les 80 …Il y a avait eu un championnat du senegal 😉 il me semble ..auriez vous les palmarés en archives qq part ?

  4. Rebecca O'Connor says:

    Good Afternoon,

    We are scheduled to arrive on the Viking Sun on the 30th April 2019.

    We have guests onboard who are highly interested in visiting the club as well as purchasing a local pennant.

    Please let me know if this will be possible

    Many thanks

  5. paul says:

    Hi guys,

    love the work you are doing.

    Am coming to dakar on holiday, and would love to visit the cape verde islands

    I know you are a yacht club but is it possible for you to organise transportation from dakar to any of the cape verde islands?
    if not, can you recommend any body who can?

Touristic Attractions

Bandia Nature Reserve
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African Renaissance Monument
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Île de Gorée
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BP 678
Dakar Sénégal

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